SEO Services

You’ve Got a Website, now let’s get it Ranked On Google Search with our SEO Services.


What does SEO success mean to you? To us, it means you have so much traffic flowing through your website that you don’t know what to do with it. Whether your company is looking for customers, clients, or sales leads, our team of SEO Professionals are dedicated to growing your company and providing SEO Services that exceed expectations. That makes us an SEO company in Midland that really stands out.


When looking for an SEO Service Company, please don’t fall for cheap tricks to temporarily boost your Google Search Ranking. If an SEO Service Company promises to get you to the #1 spot, FAST! are throwing your money away. More-so, there is a great risk that you are actually damaging your domain authority in the eyes of Google. In the long run, these cheap SEO tactics aren’t worth it. If you need traffic in a HURRY, the ONLY safe option is Pay Per Click advertising.

Dog Gone Marketing develops long-term SEO relationships that earn quality results. We understand that every business, every industry, is unique. There isn’t a magic cookie-cutter formula for making SEO work. We take the time to research and understand your industry, competition, and customers. That’s how we create an SEO plan that is custom designed to your business.

We offer three SEO Service packages, depending on what you’re looking for. Take a look at them below and let us know if you have any questions! Looking for something specific you don’t see here? Just ask!

-Jimerson Adkins

Package #1

Get your Company on the Map with our Advanced SEO Services

Anyone in the industry knows that beating the competition for Google Ranking is TOUGH. This package is designed to give your website a solid foundation for SEO that will generate lasting affects. It likely won’t get you to the #1 spot (if your competition is fierce), but it’ll get you started with building Google Domain Authority. That being said, I have seen it happen.

With our advanced SEO package, we will perform keyword research of your industry and competitors, figuring out what your customers are searching for and why your competitors are ranking higher on Google Search. With this information, we’ll create two, 500+ word, pages on your site, targeting popular key phrases that your customers search for. We’ll also make sure you’re properly listed with Google and the top 5 national and/or local directories that makes sense for your business.

• Key-word research
• Competitor & Industry Analysis
• Google Business Listing
• Google Local Optimization for Midland, Odessa, and Surrounding Areas
• Submit to Top 5 Directories
• A professionally written 500+ word post/article to target a popular customer search related to your business
• XML Site Maps
• Schema Markup

$700 / one time payment

Package #2

Take it to the Next Level with our On-Going SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is an on-going battle, especially if your competitors are actively working to stay in that #1 Google Search spot (and they are..)

With On-Going SEO Services, we’ll work hard each week, constantly performing research on your industry and competition, creating new content for your website that targets customer search queries, and creating those ever-valuable backlinks to your website. We’ll also provide reports to show exactly how our SEO services are performing. There is no quick magic formula for SEO; it takes hard work, on-going research, constant improvement, and professional experience. It’ll be like having your own in-house SEO consultant, located right here in Midland, TX!

With this subscription, you’ll receive at Minimum Each Month:

• Includes Everything in the Advanced SEO Package
• On-going keyword research
• On-going Industry and Competitor Analysis
• A professionally written 500+ word post/article to target a popular customer search related to your business
• Five Do-Follow Backlinks
• Monthly reporting showing your SEO performance
• XML Site Map Updates
• Schema Markups
• Social Media metas on website

$550 / per month

Package #3

Full Service Marketing: SEO, PPC, and A/B Testing

We become your very own Midland, Tx Marketing Director at a Fraction of the Cost. If your company is getting serious, this is the service for you.

• Includes Everything in the Advanced SEO Package
• On-going Keyword Research
• On-going Industry and Competitor Analysis
• Professionally written posts/pages to target Popular Customer Searches
• Five Do-Follow Backlinks
• Social Media Posts (with initial SM page setup if needed) w/ keyword targeting
• Social Media PPC and Like Campaigns
• YouTube Videos (with initial YouTube channel setup if needed) w/ keyword targeting
• Custom Graphic Design for Web Content and Advertisements
• A/B and Multivariate Testing to increase Conversion Rates on your Website and/or Sales Pages
• Reporting showing your PPC, SEO, and A/B Testing Performance, emailed to you on a monthly basis
• XML Site Maps
• Schema Markup

Our Full Service Marketing starts at $1000/mo, and we’ll tailor a marketing service package that’s perfect for your company’s needs and budget. lists Director of Marketing Salary Averages at about $90,000 / year. Small, local businesses usually can’t afford that. We take the best of what a salaried Marketing Director can offer and scale it to your company and competition. We’ve got both the formal education and experience to offer you the most professional of marketing services.

$1000+ / per month