Website Design Services

The website is the foundation of most digital strategies. It is a powerful tool that allows you to increase your new client leads in many ways that would not be available without it. If you don’t have one, or don’t like the one you have, we can build you one from scratch!

Your website will be built on a WordPress CMS (content management system) that will make it easy to perform future updates, such as adding photos, changing contact information, adding a staff member, etc. We also provide  WordPress video guides, customized for your site, if you prefer to make future site updates yourself!


Responsive Website

More importantly, your website will be responsive, meaning that it will look and work just as well on mobile devices and tablets as it does on a desktop computer. This is important because mobile traffic makes up over 60% of all web traffic right now, and each year this percent increases as desktop computers are slowly being phased out in exchange for mobile/tablets. Nowadays, websites must adapt the size and shape of a user’s device for an effective web browsing experience.

It’s important to have a responsive website because not only is it hard for a user to navigate the website, Google hates non-responsive websites and will automatically rank your website lower in search results. You can test for responsiveness on a desktop browser by making the browser window thinner/smaller- if the content on the webpage resizes itself, it’s a responsive website!

Website Design and Home Page

Your custom website design includes unique layout, headers, footers, menus, etc, that make up your entire website. Your homepage will offer a  summary of your company and services, along with calls to action to to direct your traffic to specific pages. The home page will typically feature a few examples of your work as well. At a bare minimum, this could stand alone as a single page website.

Website Packages start as $800! Contact us via phone or email – we can discuss your needs and offer you a free quote.

Read on to find out more about our custom website and marketing options.

Contact Page

Your contact page will feature a custom map of your physical location, clearly available contact information for any addresses or phone numbers that you would like listed, a basic “Contact Us” form so clients can quickly engage with your company, and any other text or graphics you would like included.

Services Page

A services page acts as a portfolio of your work (like the page you are currently on!), showing clients what you can offer them. Along with listing each service you provide, you may include photos or other media examples of your work.

You would provide us with a list of the services you want to offer and a brief description of each, and we would work together to gather/create images or graphics for each service, making this page more engaging to the visitor.

If you’d prefer to separate your various services or products, multiple pags can be created along with corresponding top menu navigation.

About Us & Staff Pages

Did you know that on an average website, the About Us page is often the second most visited page? That tells me that your potential customers or clients are interested in getting to know you. They don’t feel comfortable doing business with a faceless website, they want to know there is flesh and bones behind your company.

We encourage creating an About Us and/or Staff Page that really shows your website visitors who you are. It begins developing a level of trust that is important for converting your visitors.


Contact forms are forms visitors can quickly fill out to ask questions or get more information from you or your team. Forms can be placed in sidebars and within page content! They are great calls to action for potential customers and clients who aren’t ready to commit to a phone call or type out an email. Form submissions get sent directly to your email with the visitor’s questions and their contact information!

For an example page form, take a look at our contact page.

Advanced Website Features

Of course it doesn’t end there. You may have seen features from other sites you want that we haven’t listed, and that’s perfectly ok! Mortgage calculators, testimonial pages, live chat, direction maps… we really can’t list them all!

For extra pages or features, let us know what you want (or show us an example that already exists on another website!) and we’ll give you a development quote based on our hourly rate.


You have the option of purchasing your own hosting package through a web hosting provider (of which we can recommend a couple), or you can choose to have us host for a small monthly fee. If you choose us to host for you, we provide routine maintenance and updates to ensure your site runs fast (important for SEO), security against malware and viruses (yep, this is a threat for web servers as well!), backups in case the worst happens, and about an hour of update time each month at your discretion, good for minor updates here and there. (Any major additions or features would be quoted and charged by the hour).

Along with our hosting package, we also include email set up for you and your staff, so you can each have an email address. These can be easily added to your mobile phones, tablets, and desktop email clients, or redirected to your current email address, all of which we assist with as part of this hosting package.

IMAP email servers are free, but come with some minor drawbacks.
Microsoft Exchange servers cost $5/mo per email address, but it is highly recommended for security and ease of use.

If you’re interested in having email with your domain name, we can discuss these options!

Call or email us if you’re interested in our Hosting services. We’ll get you taken care of!

Initial Website SEO Setup

You have likely heard the term SEO, or search engine optimization, used in relation to websites before, but perhaps aren’t very familiar with what it is and how it works.

When you do a Google search (or bing, or yahoo..), do you often click one of the top 3 links that appear? Do you rarely if ever even go to the second page of results, much less the third or fourth? You wouldn’t be alone. 33% of all search clicks are the first result, the second rank gets 18%, and the third gets just 11%.

It’s a highly competitive market, and there are no overnight solutions to being ranked number 1, but the sooner you start working on your website’s SEO, the better.

SEO can be broken down into two types of services. This SEO refers to initial website SEO setup. Our other SEO services, such as content / articles, are listed later.

Initial website SEO involves coding meta-tags and schema into your website’s HTML that allow search engines to have a better understanding of website elements, creating XML maps and submitting them, having engines crawl and archive your site, along with many other things. These are SEO aspects that rarely need to be changed. They help both your search engine and local search (usually performed on a mobile phone) results.


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