Website Design and Hosting Services

The website is the foundation of most digital strategies. It is a powerful tool that allows you to increase your new client leads in many ways that would not be available without it. If you don’t have one, or don’t like the one you have, we can build you one from scratch!

Your website will be built on a WordPress CMS (content management system) that will make it easy to perform future updates, such as adding photos, changing contact information, adding a staff member, etc. We also provide  WordPress video guides, customized for your site, if you prefer to make future site updates yourself!

​Web Design and Hosting - All in One!

​Time is one asset we just don't have enough of, and we want to make this as pain-free as possible for you. We will not only design your website, we'll take care of initial SEO setup, software updates, and hosting! With website development and hosting bundled into a very inexpensive monthly fee, you'll never have to worry about how your website is doing.

With a 14 day turn-around time, you won't have to wait months to get your project up in running. Our web development and server management professionals work together to build you a world-class responsive website that looks as beautiful on a desktop browser as it does on a mobile device. Your website is custom designed to fit your taste and brand, ensuring a perfect fit for you and your customers.

Your 14 Day Website Roadmap


Proposal Signed & BILLING SETUP

A proposal is sent you based on the package details you've chosen. Once accepted we'll send you

more information to get started!



​Our team will send you an onboarding form where you can add all the details about your brand, current website information, and information that will help our strategists optimize the site. 



​Based on your requirements brief we'll prepare your brand new site design using UX best practices, your inspiration, brand guidelines, and assets.



​This is the most time intensive part for our team. We'll be developing your new WordPress site enriched with an optimized site architecture, url structure, and calls to action on every page to enhance your conversion funnel. We are happy to provide up to 2 hours of complimentary edits for any minor adjustments you'd like us to make before we move into optimization. 

DAY 10

​SEARCH Optimization

​Now the real fun begins! We will take your new site to the next level by having one of our in-house SEO strategists optimize the site from top to  bottom laying the perfect foundation for any ongoing SEO activities to continue building authority with Google. 

DAY 13


​We're ready to go! Before we launch this authoritative masterpiece into cyberspace we'll ensure it's responsive across all devices, swept for quality assurance & prepped for the big day. 

DAY 14


​Once your site is live we'll be finishing up a few final steps like securing the site, optimizing for speed and submitting your sitemap to Google. Lucky for you this package includes one of the hosting markets best solutions for SEO.

​Education (optional)

​We want to ensure you're setup with knowledge around how to be successful with your new website so we will be providing you with a some basic WordPress training materials along with how to leverage your newly established marketing tools like Google Analytics to get the most out of your authoritative website. We'll also provide you with a free 90-day SEO Strategy roadmap.

Your Bundled Web Design and Hosting Options

Number of Pages





Web Dev 





Foundational SEO 





​Hyper Optimized Hosting





​Total Monthly Fee








​Authority Add On (Per Link/per Month)





​Content Add On (Added to Monthly Fee)





✅ Conversion focused design with your branding and messaging optimized for performance and user experience 

✅ Site architecture, page formatting, and keyword relevancy & research with SEO in mind

✅ Complete content audit for relevancy & quality of existing content (if applicable) 

✅ Original content development which follows Google’s E-A-T guidelines (Add On Option)

✅ Top to bottom on page optimization for all core pages 

✅  Optional authoritative backlink created monthly within 90 days post launch (Add On Option)

✅ Google Analytics goals established for every conversion point (sign ups, downloads, click-to-call, form fills) 

✅ Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools created for ongoing error audits 

✅ XML sitemap submitted 

✅ Site Speed Optimization 

✅ Desktop & Mobile Usability Score Performance Promise - 90+

✅ Install & Setup SEO Plugin for optimization guidance & monitoring 


​What happens if I cancel before 24 months?

If you cancel the site prior to the 2 year mark, the site will go offline or you can pay for the remaining balance of the site with an early cancellation fee of $250.

How is the site priced at fair market value if I choose to own the site after 24 months?

Fair market value is based on the website valuation for what the one-time development fee would have been outside of the monthly plan.

What is the content add on?

The content add on allows you to have thought leadership written for your website. Unlike traditional website pages, our content writing provides 1000 words of unique copywriting for any page on your website. Content add ons can be tailored for your needs as well outside the corresponding page build size.

What is the link building add on?

This is perfect for any startup business that doesn't have a backlink profile established. Give your site the power of a DA 30+ link each month or once & a while. It's up to you!

Does the cost of new pages go up as you add new pages to the site after launch?

Assuming you have chosen the content add on in your package before launch, no increase will apply to new pages post-launch. In fact, our team will show you how to add these yourself or you're welcome to send it on in to our team!

Ready to get started?

Contact Jimerson Adkins at 432-269-7259 or [email protected]

Fine Print:

  • The first site fee will be collected upon engagement and a recurring charge will take place each month automatically. 
  • The site remains under ​Dog Gone Marketing's ownership for the lifetime of the site or after 24 months, where the site may be purchased for full price **Fees will be determined by site value at the time of purchase**.
  • If you'd rather​ have complete ownership of the website and ​self-host, we would be happy to provide you a quote for this.
  • Previous payments will accrue and be counted towards credit of the final purchase price if client chooses a buyout plan. 
  • Client may have logins to add, edit, or upload content post launch.
  • Client has up to 2 hours of complimentary edits to the development site before launch, anything after or post-launch will be deemed as new scope and hourly.
  • After 24 months, the client is free to request a new site or content refresh (if applicable) as the original monthly fee will remain in place. There is no additional charge for a website redesign ​every two years.
Projected timeline to completion is 14 business days **Subject to extensions if there are any delays in acquiring assets or obtaining approvals from you.